Network Monitoring

Monitoring your network infrastructure is an important part of running a stable and efficient network to support your business. With application accessibility and performance increasing in the impact it has on your business, how can you afford to not monitor your network?

Long gone are the days of good enough monitoring

Most companies think that by simply sending some sort of ICMP request (think PING, as in submarine) to a network device is good enough for their network monitoring. Today, granular network monitoring is ever important. With many mission critical applications that drive your business, and those applications depend on so many other host and network nodes to be available and performing at their peak, to just know that a host or network device is up is insufficient.

Network Monitoring

Enterprise class monitoring systems are too expensive

There are many monitoring systems out there, and they are very expensive. Along with our experience designing and implementing complex networks, our engineers have also had much experience running various network monitoring and management tools. In most cases, those that are extremely expensive, do not provide the flexibility, scalability, and and ease of customization that warranted the price paid. On the other hand, there are many free open source alternatives. These free alternatives only concern the software, not the servers and manhours to implement and keep it up and running. Our engineers have found many of these free alternatives to be highly flexible, scalabile, and customizible, however it does take some knowledge and experience to get up and running correctly initially.

That's where Core4 Technologies comes in

Core4 Technologies network engineers can assist your IT staff, or implement on their own, a very flexible, scalable, and customizible network monitoring system. We use Nagios and Nagios based monitoring systems from OpsView. These systems have proven over a decade to be the most reliable, flexible, scalable, and customizable network monitoring platfors that we have ever implemented. Trust us, we've implemented many from OpenView, OpenNMS, IronView, WhatsUp, Solarwinds and many more. Time and time again, we've come back to the tried and true Nagios based platforms.

Our engineers will ensure that once the system is up and running, that your team understand how to administer and keep the system up to date. However, our engineers are always available should your team need assistance.

Our engineers have designed and built many complex and highly scalable networks, including:

Experienced Engineers with the Right Attitude

Our engineers have the experience working with many vendors, many platforms, and many protocols. It's not only about what you know, but knowing where, or how, to get the information, and we pride ourselves on having the right attitude to get the job done right.

Many Vendors, Platforms and Protocols: